Three Transformations

Three Transformations Every Business Owner Must Make in Order To Join the Ranks of the Best Managed and Most Profitable Companies in Business Today.

1.  You must transform yourself from "technical expert" to "master strategist."

Develop and execute strategic positioning & direction, as articulated in a Company Plan or Business Plan, to unlock the corporation’s incredible potential. This is the key to success in: company growth and superior net profits, manager and employee satisfaction, efficiency and productivity and the company culture of excellence.

2.  You must transform yourself from a "gut" decision-maker to a "fact-based" decision-maker.

The key to success in business is to manage by fact rather than expediency:

  • Gather information
  • Weigh the costs and benefits
  • Assess the risk
  • Make an informed, fact-based decision

3.  You must transform the business from a partnership model to a functional responsibility decision-making model.

The person with functional responsibility must make all the decisions within his/her area of responsibility. Owners / Partners should be involved in decision-making only when the risks are high.

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