Areas Analyzed

What areas of my business will be Analyzed?

We analyze all the applicable areas listed, and any other areas agreed upon by you in the opening conference, to appraise their effect on the revenue and profitability of the business. Examples of what the Senior Business Analyst reviews include:

  • Operations: How often do you receive operating statements and what key information is tracked and utilized to measure productivity?
  • Administration: Is there a developed percentage basis budget? If so, how are the results tracked? Do administrative systems and procedures meet current requirements?
  • Material Cost: What effects do waste and rejects have on material costs and how do these affect margin contribution? Who is responsible for negotiating material contracts, managing costs and overrun controls? How are they held accountable?
  • Labour Cost: How does labour cost fluctuations affect production scheduling and profitability?
  • Overhead: How is overhead application accounted for in the pricing matrix and what methodology is used to track and measure the implications of adding overhead costs to cash flow requirements and profitability?
  • Incentives: Is there a productivity-based excess profit incentive plan? If not, how are employees rewarded and how is the effectiveness of those rewards measured in company profit and employee productivity?
  • Productivity: Are there established quantifiable productivity standards? How are productivity based performance standards measured?
  • Cost Controls: Are costs measured and compared to predetermined standards? What systems and procedures are in place to control costs and quantify results?
  • Material Flow: How is material throughput analyzed and what effect does it have on productivity and waste? Do you have inventory controls and how are they maintained?
  • Break-even Utilization: Is there a break-even analysis by product group, sales personnel or service offering? How are break-even calculations used and how is it utilized for bidding, pricing and market strategies?
  • Profitability: Is there a corporate profit after you have paid yourself as the business owner?  Profits are the engine that build and grow a company and the lack of profit is the certain road to business failure!


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